Looking For a Brighter Smile?

February 4, 2015

Many patients wonder, "what causes my teeth to become yellow"? Certain food, genetics, and habits may contribute to a darker appearance of your teeth.


Here are the basics:

Teeth come in layers. The outer layer, called enamel, is whiter in appearance. The second layer, called dentin, is typically much darker, appearing yellow or even brown. 

As we age, enamel can become more weak and brittle due to poor brushing technique, abrasives and acidic foods. This can cause the enamel to wear away to a degree, exposing more of the darker layer, the dentin. 


"Ok Dr. So what can we do to get our whiter smile back?!"


First, take a look at your toothbrush. Do you find that the bristles are frayed? If so that is a good indicator that you are brushing too hard. Brushing your teeth harder does not mean that you are brushing them better. Second, when purchasing a toothbrush, buy one that says 'soft'.

Now food...coffee, tea, wine (both white and red), vinegar, acidic foods, etc. may cause staining and wear. By no means am I telling you to stop eating these foods. We should all be able to enjoy the good things in life...mindfully. Rinse your mouth with water after consuming such foods mentioned. Also wait 30 minutes after eating that orange, or drinking that sport beverage before brushing your teeth. This allows time for your saliva to work its natural acidic buffering magic. 


Bleaching solutions can help most people achieve a whiter smile, but they don't work for everyone. Be sure to see a dentist before using bleaching products, as a disease free mouth is a must before using them. Dr. Siudyla and Dr. Kalinowski can advise you on the best option to get that white smile you'd like. 

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Looking For a Brighter Smile?

February 4, 2015

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